Stone Conquest

Created during my MMI studies. It was one of the project where we had to create an agency with classmates, create a website and sell it to teachers, supposed clients. The subject was to make an online card game: Jaipur, a French board game. For that, I used Symfony 4 as I was the back-end developer for this project. The teachers wanted at least one action of the game working: to take, to sale and to trade. In my version, to take and to trade works. Moreover, it's possible to create an account and play the game online. However, the website is not currently online because of a lack of server.

Challenge And Solution

The main challenge was creating the game itself, I had to use Javascript to select cards and click on the button to end the turn. The controllers had to collect data of the game and the database is full of data: the hand of the players, which player's turn is it, the discard cards... Everything has to be refresh when a turn ends.